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Follow the misadventures of Juush, Cory and JDS as they interview Authors, Narrators and voice actors, while asking them questions sent in by you. And Slime Girls.

Chris Hader


This week on Josh Vs Josh the gentlemen discuss what inspires us,
and then we talk about movies for a while. It's unrelated, but still good. We tell the gritty stories of past head injuries, and JAH gives us a detailed account of his last hair cut. We set the record straight regarding dinosaurs and dragons. Josh sneezes into the microphone 3 times. Finally we unleash upon the world the single greatest "Songs that make you feel all the feels" playlist. You're welcome. Have a question you need answered by Josh and Josh? Need some advice on your relationship? Want to buy a T-Shirt? Want free stickers or business cards? Email cjh@portlandca.com 

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