JVJ is the leading literary podcast hosted by three people. And also Slime Girls

Follow the misadventures of Juush, Cory and JDS as they interview Authors, Narrators and voice actors, while asking them questions sent in by you. And Slime Girls.

Alish Jewnot


We field questions from Canadian and former Portland CA host Alisha Jewnot. Josh Hatfield is handsome and makes several good points. We have to pick 5 celebrities to kill in 2017, and several of them are named Don. JDS just googles "Who will dies in 2017" We have some recommended reading for children, if you're an awful parent. And JAH likes The Scarlet Letter. Have a question you need answered by Josh and Josh? Need some advice on your relationship? Want to buy a T-Shirt? Want free stickers or business cards? Email cjh@portlandca.com 

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